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Welcome to the GenomEast Platform

Since its opening in 2000, this IGBMC technological platform is dedicated to providing researchers access to state-of-the-art high throughput technologies to survey genomes, their expression and their regulation. Our objective is to offer full services from quality check of starting material up to data analysis using standardized methodologies. Our facility is involved in several national projects including “France Génomique” and is open to all french and international academic and industrial research community.

We provide comprehensive services for two complementary technologies: Illumina high-throughput sequencing (HiSeq 4000) and Affymetrix DNA microarrays. We routinely perform ChIP-seq, Genomic-seq and RNA-seq analyses using a large variety of protocols and we have developed dedicated bioinformatic pipelines to analyse the corresponding results. Using microarrays, the almost exclusive application is transcriptome profiling.

More recently, we have expanded our technology portfolio by the innovative Fluidigm Biomark™ and C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep systems. These equipments are currently made available to researchers, on a self-service basis, to study gene expression down to the single-cell level by Q-PCR or RNA-seq. Our objective is to offer full services for these applications as well early 2016.


ISO_9001_and_NFX_50-900 The primary goal of our facility is to provide customers with the best data and services to help them conduct high-level scientific research. For that purpose, we are committed to a quality approach according to ISO 9001 standard for which we have been certified since January 2007. We strengthened this quality commitment in January 2016 by meeting the requirements of NF X 50-900 standard, a French system of reference in accordance with the scientific, technical and management exigencies of life science technology platforms ( Icon Scientific and quality policy of the GenomEast Platform (340.1 KB) ).

Last update on Mon 15 Jan 2018


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2017-11-14: Dynamine, a therapeutic target for different myopathies


2017-10-27: The Graduate School project “Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology”, selected in the call Programme d’investissements d’avenir


2017-02-16: Introduction to NGS data analysis – 28-29th of September and 2nd of October 2017 (Training)


2017-02-16: New web tool to filter/extract your variants of interest (DNA-seq)