Project submission

To submit a Sequencing project to the facility, please first apply for a LIMS user account by completing the register form on our online LIMS. As soon as you receive your username and password, you are ready to complete your online submission by creating a new request.

To submit a Microarray project to the facility or to request access to the Fluidigm system, please complete the following  Icon submission form (150.1 KB)  and e-mail it to Christelle Thibault.

For a successful project submission, be sure to address all the following points:

  • a brief description of the scientific question,
  • a detailed description of the biological samples to be processed (controls, replicates...),
  • full contact details of the lab manager and of the person in charge of the project      

This information will allow us to determine whether we are able to perform your project, to sometimes suggest changes in experimental design, and to evaluate the entailing cost. Once your submission is validated by the platform, a quotation is sent by e-mail to the lab manager. This quotation must be signed and returned together with an order form before the experiments can be started on the platform.

Our services are governed by the present  Icon Terms and Conditions of Business (438.7 KB)  which take precedence over all purchasing conditions, except as agreed by us in writing.

Last update on Mon 15 Jan 2018


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2017-11-14: Dynamine, a therapeutic target for different myopathies


2017-10-27: The Graduate School project “Integrative Molecular and Cellular Biology”, selected in the call Programme d’investissements d’avenir


2017-02-16: Introduction to NGS data analysis – 28-29th of September and 2nd of October 2017 (Training)


2017-02-16: New web tool to filter/extract your variants of interest (DNA-seq)