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Adhesion receptor ADGRG2/GPR64 is in the GI-tract selectively expressed in mature intestinal tuft cells.

Grunddal KV, Tonack S, Egerod KL, Thompson JJ, Petersen N, Engelstoft MS, Vagne C, Keime C, Gradwohl G, Offermanns S, Schwartz TW

Mol Metab 2021; 51():101231

Nutrigenomic analyses reveal miRNAs and mRNAs affected by feed restriction in the mammary gland of midlactation dairy cows.

Billa PA, Faulconnier Y, Ye T, Bourdon C, Pires JAA, Leroux C

PLoS One 2021; 16(4):e0248680

Polycystic ovary syndrome is transmitted via a transgenerational epigenetic process.

Mimouni NEH, Paiva I, Barbotin AL, Timzoura FE, Plassard D, Le Gras S, Ternier G, Pigny P, Catteau-Jonard S, Simon V, Prevot V, Boutillier AL, Giacobini P

Cell Metab 2021; 33(3):513-530.e8

Radiosensitizing Pancreatic Cancer with PARP Inhibitor and Gemcitabine: An In Vivo and a Whole-Transcriptome Analysis after Proton or Photon Irradiation.

Waissi W, Nicol A, Jung M, Rousseau M, Jarnet D, Noel G, Burckel H

Cancers (Basel) 2021; 13(3):

Succinylation of H3K122 destabilizes nucleosomes and enhances transcription.

Zorro Shahidian L, Haas M, Le Gras S, Nitsch S, Mourão A, Geerlof A, Margueron R, Michaelis J, Daujat S, Schneider R

EMBO Rep 2021; 22(3):e51009

An Integrated Analysis of miRNA and Gene Expression Changes in Response to an Obesogenic Diet to Explore the Impact of Transgenerational Supplementation with Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Corral-Jara KF, Cantini L, Poupin N, Ye T, Rigaudière JP, De Saint Vincent S, Pinel A, Morio B, Capel F

Nutrients 2020; 12(12):

Attitudes towards Genetic Information Delivered by High-Throughput Sequencing among Molecular Geneticists, Genetic Counselors, Medical Advisors and Students in France.

Titerlea V, Dembélé D, Mandel JL, Laporte J

Eur J Med Genet 2020; 63(4):103770

Constitutive Activation of RAS/MAPK Pathway Cooperates with Trisomy 21 and Is Therapeutically Exploitable in Down Syndrome B-cell Leukemia.

Laurent AP, Siret A, Ignacimouttou C, Panchal K, Diop M, Jenni S, Tsai YC, Roos-Weil D, Aid Z, Prade N, Lagarde S, Plassard D, Pierron G, Daudigeos E, Lecluse Y, Droin N, Bornhauser BC, Cheung LC, Crispino JD, Gaudry M, Bernard OA, Macintyre E, Barin Bonnigal C, Kotecha RS, Geoerger B, Ballerini P, Bourquin JP, Delabesse E, Mercher T, Malinge S

Clin Cancer Res 2020; 26(13):3307-3318

µgreen-db: a reference database for the 23S rRNA gene of eukaryotic plastids and cyanobacteria.

Djemiel C, Plassard D, Terrat S, Crouzet O, Sauze J, Mondy S, Nowak V, Wingate L, Ogée J, Maron PA

Sci Rep 2020; 10(1):5915

Heterochromatin establishment during early mammalian development is regulated by pericentromeric RNA and characterized by non-repressive H3K9me3.

Burton A, Brochard V, Galan C, Ruiz-Morales ER, Rovira Q, Rodriguez-Terrones D, Kruse K, Le Gras S, Udayakumar VS, Chin HG, Eid A, Liu X, Wang C, Gao S, Pradhan S, Vaquerizas JM, Beaujean N, Jenuwein T, Torres-Padilla ME

Nat Cell Biol 2020; 22(7):767-778

Identification of a transient state during the acquisition of temozolomide resistance in glioblastoma.

Rabé M(1), Dumont S(1)(2), Álvarez-Arenas A(3), Janati H(4), Belmonte-Beitia J(3), Calvo GF(3), Thibault-Carpentier C(5), Séry Q(1)(6), Chauvin C(1), Joalland N(1), Briand F(1), Blandin S(7), Scotet E(1), Pecqueur C(1), Clairambault J(4), Oliver L(1)(8), Perez-Garcia V(3), Nadaradjane A(1)(6), Cartron PF(1)(6), Gratas C(9)(10), Vallette FM(11)(12).

Cell Death Dis 2020; 11(1):19

Longitudinal transcriptomic analysis of altered pathways in a CHMP2B(intron5)-based model of ALS-FTD.

Waegaert R, Dirrig-Grosch S, Parisot F, Keime C, Henriques A, Loeffler JP, René F

Neurobiol Dis 2020; 136():104710

Meiosis Occurs Normally in the Fetal Ovary of Mice Lacking All Retinoic Acid Receptors

Nadège Vernet (1) , Diana Condrea (1) , Chloé Mayere (2) , Betty Féret (1) , Muriel Klopfenstein (1) , William Magnant (1) , Violaine Alunni (3) , Marius Telentin (1) (4) , Sirine Souali-Crespo (1) , Serge Nef (2) , Manuel Mark (1) (4), Norbert B Ghyselinck (1)

Science Advances 2020; ():

Novel IQCE variations confirm its role in postaxial polydactyly and cause ciliary defect phenotype in zebrafish.

Estrada-Cuzcano A, Etard C, Delvallée C, Stoetzel C, Schaefer E, Scheidecker S, Geoffroy V, Schneider A, Studer F, Mattioli F, Chennen K, Sigaudy S, Plassard D, Poch O, Piton A, Strahle U, Muller J, Dollfus H

Hum Mutat 2020; 41(1):240-254

TBPL2/TFIIA complex establishes the maternal transcriptome through oocyte-specific promoter usage.

Yu C, Cvetesic N, Hisler V, Gupta K, Ye T, Gazdag E, Negroni L, Hajkova P, Berger I, Lenhard B, Müller F, Vincent SD, Tora L

Nat Commun 2020; 11(1):6439

Temozolomide-Induced RNA Interactome Uncovers Novel LncRNA Regulatory Loops in Glioblastoma.

Fritah S, Muller A, Jiang W, Mitra R, Sarmini M, Dieterle M, Golebiewska A, Ye T, Van Dyck E, Herold-Mende C, Zhao Z, Azuaje F, Niclou SP

Cancers (Basel) 2020; 12(9):

An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation

Alicia Lardennois 1 , Gabriella Pásti 2 , Teresa Ferraro 1 , Flora Llense 1 , Pierre Mahou 3 , Julien Pontabry 2 4 , David Rodriguez 2 , Samantha Kim 2 , Shoichiro Ono 5 , Emmanuel Beaurepaire 3 , Christelle Gally 2 , Michel Labouesse 6 7

Nature 2019; ():

Cell-Type-Specific Gene Expression Profiling in Adult Mouse Brain Reveals Normal and Disease-State Signatures.

Merienne N(1), Meunier C(2), Schneider A(3), Seguin J(3), Nair SS(4), Rocher AB(5), Le Gras S(6), Keime C(6), Faull R(7), Pellerin L(8), Chatton JY(9), Neri C(4), Merienne K(3), Deglon N(10).

Cell Rep 2019; 26(9):2477-2493

Co-translational assembly of mammalian nuclear multisubunit complexes.

Kamenova I(1)(2)(3)(4), Mukherjee P(1)(2)(3)(4), Conic S(1)(2)(3)(4), Mueller F(5), El-Saafin F(1)(2)(3)(4), Bardot P(1)(2)(3)(4), Garnier JM(1)(2)(3)(4), Dembele D(1)(2)(3)(4), Capponi S(6), Timmers HTM(6), Vincent SD(1)(2)(3)(4), Tora L(7)(8)(9)(10).

Nat Commun 2019; 10(1):1740

Deep RNA-Seq reveals miRNome differences in mammary tissue of lactating Holstein and Montbeliarde cows.

Billa PA(1), Faulconnier Y(1), Ye T(2), Chervet M(3), Le Provost F(4), Pires JAA(1), Leroux C(5)(6).

BMC Genomics 2019; 20(1):621

Disrupting the IL-36 and IL-23/IL-17 loop underlies the efficacy of calcipotriol and corticosteroid therapy for psoriasis.

German B(1)(2)(3)(4), Wei R(1)(2)(3)(4), Hener P(1)(2)(3)(4), Martins C(5), Ye T(1)(2)(3)(4), Gottwick C(6), Yang J(6), Seneschal J(5), Boniface K(5), Li M(1)(2)(3)(4).

JCI Insight 2019; (0):0

Exacerbation of C1q dysregulation, synaptic loss and memory deficits in tau pathology linked to neuronal adenosine A2A receptor.

Carvalho K(1), Faivre E(1), Pietrowski MJ(2), Marques X(3), Gomez-Murcia V(1), Deleau A(1), Huin V(1), Hansen JN(2), Kozlov S(2), Danis C(1)(4), Temido-Ferreira M(5), Coelho JE(5), Meriaux C(1), Eddarkaoui S(1), Gras SL(6), Dumoulin M(7), Cellai L(1); NeuroCEB Brain Bank, Landrieu I(4), Chern Y(8), Hamdane M(1), Buee L(1), Boutillier AL(9), Levi S(3), Halle A(2)(10), Lopes LV(5), Blum D(1).

Brain 2019; (0):0

Genetic regulation of amphioxus somitogenesis informs the evolution of the vertebrate head mesoderm.

Aldea D(1), Subirana L(1), Keime C(2), Meister L(1), Maeso I(3), Marcellini S(4), Gomez-Skarmeta JL(3), Bertrand S(5), Escriva H(6).

Nat Ecol Evol 2019; 3(8):1233-1240

Hypoxic Environment and Paired Hierarchical 3D and 2D Models of Pediatric H3.3-Mutated Gliomas Recreate the Patient Tumor Complexity.

Blandin AF(1), Durand A(1), Litzler M(1), Tripp A(1), Guerin E(1), Ruhland E(2), Obrecht A(3), Keime C(4), Fuchs Q(5), Reita D(1)(5), Lhermitte B(5)(6)(7), Coca A(8), Jones C(9), Rebel IL(5), Villa P(3), Namer IJ(3), Dontenwill M(5), Guenot D(1), Entz-Werle N(5)(10).

Cancers (Basel) 2019; (0):0

Identification and expression of microRNAs in european eels Anguilla anguilla from two natural sites with different pollution levels.

Bertucci A(1), Pierron F(2), Ye T(3), Gonzalez P(2), Couture P(4), Baudrimont M(2).

Environ Pollut 2019; 250():274-283

Interleukin-32 Contributes to Human Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Insulin Resistance.

Dali-Youcef N(1)(2), Vix M(3), Costantino F(3), El-Saghire H(4), Lhermitte B(5), Callari C(3), D'Agostino J(3), Perretta S(3), Paveliu S(3), Gualtierotti M(3), Dumeny E(6), Oudot MA(4), Jaulin A(2), Dembele D(7), Zeisel MB(4), Tomasetto C(2), Baumert TF(4)(8), Doffoel M(8).

Hepatol Commun 2019; 3(9):1205-1220

In utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen leads to intergenerational accelerated reproductive aging in female mice.

Rossitto M(1), Ollivier M(1)(2), Déjardin S(1), Pruvost A(3), Brun C(4), Marchive C(1), Nguyen AL(3), Ghettas A(3), Keime C(5), de Massy B(4), Poulat F(1), Philibert P(1)(6), Boizet-Bonhoure B(7).

Commun Biol 2019; 2(1):310

In utero exposure to acetaminophen and ibuprofen leads to intergenerational accelerated reproductive aging in female mice.

Rossitto M(1), Ollivier M(1)(2), Dejardin S(1), Pruvost A(3), Brun C(4), Marchive C(1), Nguyen AL(3), Ghettas A(3), Keime C(5), de Massy B(4), Poulat F(1), Philibert P(1)(6), Boizet-Bonhoure B(1).

Commun Biol 2019; 2():310

Publisher Correction: An actin-based viscoplastic lock ensures progressive body-axis elongation.

Lardennois A(1), Pasti G(2), Ferraro T(1), Llense F(1), Mahou P(3), Pontabry J(2)(4), Rodriguez D(2), Kim S(2), Ono S(5), Beaurepaire E(3), Gally C(2), Labouesse M(6)(7).

Nature 2019; (0):0

Rfx6 promotes the differentiation of peptide-secreting enteroendocrine cells while repressing genetic programs controlling serotonin production.

Piccand J(1), Vagne C(1), Blot F(1), Meunier A(1), Beucher A(1), Strasser P(1), Lund ML(2), Ghimire S(1), Nivlet L(1), Lapp C(1), Petersen N(2), Engelstoft MS(2), Thibault-Carpentier C(1), Keime C(1), Correa SJ(1), Schreiber V(1), Molina N(1), Schwartz TW(2), De Arcangelis A(3), Gradwohl G(4).

Mol Metab 2019; 29():24-39

RNA profiling of human testicular cells identifies syntenic lncRNAs associated with spermatogenesis.

Rolland AD(1), Evrard B(1), Darde TA(1)(2), Le Beguec C(1), Le Bras Y(2), Bensalah K(3), Lavoue S(4), Jost B(5), Primig M(1), Dejucq-Rainsford N(1), Chalmel F(1), Jegou B(1).

Hum Reprod 2019; 34(7):1278-1290

Subclinical endometritis in dairy cattle is associated with distinct mRNA expression patterns in blood and endometrium.

Raliou M(1), Dembele D(2), Duvel A(3), Bolifraud P(1), Aubert J(4), Mary-Huard T(4), Rocha D(5), Piumi F(1), Mockly S(1), Heppelmann M(6), Dieuzy-Labaye I(7), Zieger P(8), G E Smith D(9), Schuberth HJ(3), Sheldon IM(10), Sandra O(1).

PLoS One 2019; 14(8):e0220244

Synthesis and Biological Investigation of Phenothiazine-Based Benzhydroxamic Acids as Selective Histone Deacetylase 6 Inhibitors.

Vogerl K(1), Ong N(1), Senger J(2), Herp D(2), Schmidtkunz K(2), Marek M(3), Muller M(1), Bartel K(1), Shaik TB(3), Porter NJ(4), Robaa D(5), Christianson DW(4), Romier C(3), Sippl W(5), Jung M(2), Bracher F(1).

J Med Chem 2019; 62(3):1138-1166

Transitional B cells in quiescent SLE: An early checkpoint imprinted by IFN.

Dieudonne Y(1), Gies V(2), Guffroy A(3), Keime C(4), Bird AK(5), Liesveld J(6), Barnas JL(5), Poindron V(1), Douiri N(7), Soulas-Sprauel P(8), Martin T(3), Meffre E(9), Anolik JH(5), Korganow AS(10).

J Autoimmun 2019; 102(0):150-158

Unstable TTTTA/TTTCA expansions in MARCH6 are associated with Familial Adult Myoclonic Epilepsy type 3.

Florian RT(1), Kraft F(2), Leitao E(1), Kaya S(1), Klebe S(3), Magnin E(4), van Rootselaar AF(5), Buratti J(6), Kuhnel T(1), Schroder C(1), Giesselmann S(2), Tschernoster N(7), Altmueller J(7), Lamiral A(4), Keren B(6), Nava C(6)(8), Bouteiller D(8), Forlani S(8), Jornea L(8), Kubica R(1), Ye T(9), Plassard D(9), Jost B(9), Meyer V(10), Deleuze JF(10), Delpu Y(11), Avarello MDM(11), Vijfhuizen LS(12), Rudolf G(9)(13), Hirsch E(13), Kroes T(14), Reif PS(15)(16), Rosenow F(15)(16), Ganos C(17), Vidailhet M(8)(18), Thivard L(18), Mathieu A(19), Bourgeron T(19), Kurth I(2), Rafehi H(20)(21)(22), Steenpass L(1), Horsthemke B(1); FAME consortium, LeGuern E(6)(8), Klein KM(15)(16)(23), Labauge P(24), Bennett MF(20)(21)(22), Bahlo M(20)(21), Gecz J(14)(25), Corbett MA(14), Tijssen MAJ(26), van den Maagdenberg AMJM(12)(27), Depienne C(28)(29)(30).

Nat Commun 2019; 10(1):4919

Analysis of high-throughput biological data using their rank values.

Dembele D(1).

Stat Methods Med Res 2018; 28(8):2276-2291

A new genetically engineered mouse model of choroid plexus carcinoma.

El Nagar S(1), Zindy F(2), Moens C(3), Martin L(1), Plassard D(4), Roussel MF(2), Lamonerie T(1), Billon N(5).

Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2018; 496(2):568-574

Homozygous TAF8 mutation in a patient with intellectual disability results in undetectable TAF8 protein, but preserved RNA polymerase II transcription.

El-Saafin F(1)(2)(3)(4), Curry C(5)(6), Ye T(1)(2)(3)(4), Garnier JM(1)(2)(3)(4), Kolb-Cheynel I(1)(2)(3)(4), Stierle M(1)(2)(3)(4), Downer NL(7), Dixon MP(7), Negroni L(1)(2)(3)(4), Berger I(8), Thomas T(7)(9), Voss AK(7)(9), Dobyns W(10)(11), Devys D(1)(2)(3)(4), Tora L(1)(2)(3)(4).

Hum Mol Genet 2018; 27(12):2171-2186

Microglia Express Mu Opioid Receptor: Insights From Transcriptomics and Fluorescent Reporter Mice.

Maduna T, Audouard E, Dembélé D, Mouzaoui N, Reiss D, Massotte D, Gaveriaux-Ruff C

Front Psychiatry 2018; 9():726

Novel spiroindoline HDAC inhibitors: Synthesis, molecular modelling and biological studies.

Brindisi M(1), Senger J(2), Cavella C(1), Grillo A(1), Chemi G(1), Gemma S(1), Cucinella DM(1), Lamponi S(1), Sarno F(3), Iside C(3), Nebbioso A(3), Novellino E(4), Shaik TB(5), Romier C(5), Herp D(2), Jung M(2), Butini S(6), Campiani G(7), Altucci L(3), Brogi S(1).

Eur J Med Chem 2018; 157():127-138

Reinstating plasticity and memory in a tauopathy mouse model with an acetyltransferase activator.

Chatterjee S(1)(2), Cassel R(1)(2), Schneider-Anthony A(1)(2), Merienne K(1)(2), Cosquer B(1)(2), Tzeplaeff L(1)(2), Halder Sinha S(3), Kumar M(3), Chaturbedy P(4), Eswaramoorthy M(4), Le Gras S(5), Keime C(5), Bousiges O(1)(6), Dutar P(7), Petsophonsakul P(8), Rampon C(8), Cassel JC(1)(2), Buee L(9), Blum D(9), Kundu TK(10), Boutillier AL(11)(2).

EMBO Mol Med 2018; 10(11):e8587

Responses to climatic and pathogen threats differ in biodynamic and conventional vines.

Soustre-Gacougnolle I(1)(2), Lollier M(2), Schmitt C(1), Perrin M(1), Buvens E(1), Lallemand JF(3), Mermet M(1), Henaux M(1), Thibault-Carpentier C(4), Dembele D(4), Steyer D(5), Clayeux C(5), Moneyron A(6), Masson JE(7).

Sci Rep 2018; 8(1):16857

Short- and long-term gene expression profiles induced by inhaled TiO2 nanostructured aerosol in rat lung.

Chezeau L(1), Sebillaud S(2), Safar R(3), Seidel C(2), Dembele D(4), Lorcin M(2), Langlais C(2), Grossmann S(2), Nunge H(2), Michaux S(2), Schneider HDP(5), Rihn B(6), Joubert O(6), Binet S(2), Cosnier F(2), Gate L(7).

Toxicol Appl Pharmacol 2018; 356(0):54-64

Sphingolipid Metabolism Is Dysregulated at Transcriptomic and Metabolic Levels in the Spinal Cord of an Animal Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Henriques A(1)(2)(3), Croixmarie V(4), Bouscary A(1)(2), Mosbach A(1)(2), Keime C(5), Boursier-Neyret C(6), Walter B(6), Spedding M(3), Loeffler JP(1)(2).

Front Mol Neurosci 2018; 10():433

Synthesis, Crystallization Studies, and in vitro Characterization of Cinnamic Acid Derivatives as SmHDAC8 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Schistosomiasis.

Bayer T(1), Chakrabarti A(2), Lancelot J(3), Shaik TB(4), Hausmann K(1), Melesina J(1), Schmidtkunz K(2), Marek M(4), Erdmann F(1), Schmidt M(1), Robaa D(1), Romier C(4), Pierce RJ(3), Jung M(2), Sippl W(1).

ChemMedChem 2018; 13(15):1517-1529

Altered enhancer transcription underlies Huntington's disease striatal transcriptional signature.

Le Gras S(1), Keime C(1), Anthony A(2,)(3), Lotz C(2,)(3), De Longprez L(4,)(5), Brouillet E(4,)(5), Cassel JC(2,)(3), Boutillier AL(2,)(3), Merienne K(2,)(3).

Sci Rep 2017; 7():42875

Arabidopsis ATRX Modulates H3.3 Occupancy and Fine-Tunes Gene Expression.

Duc C(1), Benoit M(1)(2), Detourne G(1)(3), Simon L(1), Poulet A(1)(3), Jung M(4), Veluchamy A(5)(6), Latrasse D(5), Le Goff S(1), Cotterell S(1), Tatout C(1), Benhamed M(5)(6), Probst AV(7).

Plant Cell 2017; 29(7):1773-1793

B cells differentiate in Human thymus and express AIRE.

Gies V(1), Guffroy A(1), Danion F(1), Billaud P(2), Keime C(3), Fauny JD(4), Susini S(5), Soley A(4), Martin T(6), Pasquali JL(6), Gros F(7), Andre-Schmutz I(5), Soulas-Sprauel P(8), Korganow AS(9).

J Allergy Clin Immunol 2017; 139(3):1049-1052

Blepharocheilodontic syndrome is a CDH1 pathway-related disorder due to mutations in CDH1 and CTNND1.

Ghoumid J(1)(2)(3), Stichelbout M(1)(2), Jourdain AS(2)(4), Frenois F(1)(2), Lejeune-Dumoulin S(1), Alex-Cordier MP(5), Lebrun M(6), Guerreschi P(2)(3)(7), Duquennoy-Martinot V(2)(3)(7), Vinchon M(2)(3)(8), Ferri J(3)(9), Jung M(10), Vicaire S(10), Vanlerberghe C(1)(2)(3), Escande F(2)(4), Petit F(1)(2)(3), Manouvrier-Hanu S(1)(2)(3).

Genet Med 2017; 19(9):1013-1021

Cockayne's Syndrome A and B Proteins Regulate Transcription Arrest after Genotoxic Stress by Promoting ATF3 Degradation.

Epanchintsev A(1), Costanzo F(1), Rauschendorf MA(1), Caputo M(2), Ye T(1), Donnio LM(1), Proietti-de-Santis L(2), Coin F(1), Laugel V(3), Egly JM(4).

Mol Cell 2017; 68(6):1054-1066

Combinatorial DNA methylation codes at repetitive elements.

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Genome Res 2017; 27(6):934-946

Genome-wide Analysis of RARbeta Transcriptional Targets in Mouse Striatum Links Retinoic Acid Signaling with Huntington's Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders.

Niewiadomska-Cimicka A(1)(2)(3)(4)(5), Krzyzosiak A(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6), Ye T(1)(2)(3)(4), Podlesny-Drabiniok A(1)(2)(3)(4)(5), Dembele D(1)(2)(3)(4), Dolle P(1)(2)(3)(4)(5), Krezel W(7)(8)(9)(10)(11).

Mol Neurobiol 2017; 54(5):3859-3878

Histone propionylation is a mark of active chromatin.

Kebede AF(1)(2), Nieborak A(3), Shahidian LZ(3), Le Gras S(1), Richter F(2)(4), Gomez DA(3)(5), Baltissen MP(6), Meszaros G(1)(7)(8), Magliarelli HF(1), Taudt A(9)(10), Margueron R(11), Colome-Tatche M(9)(10)(12), Ricci R(1)(7)(8), Daujat S(1), Vermeulen M(6), Mittler G(2), Schneider R(1)(3)(13).

Nat Struct Mol Biol 2017; 24(12):1048-1056

Inhibition of beta-Glucocerebrosidase Activity Preserves Motor Unit Integrity in a Mouse Model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Henriques A(1)(2)(3), Huebecker M(4), Blasco H(5)(6), Keime C(7), Andres CR(5)(6), Corcia P(5)(8), Priestman DA(4), Platt FM(4), Spedding M(3), Loeffler JP(9)(10).

Sci Rep 2017; 7(1):5235

Intragenic FMR1 disease-causing variants: a significant mutational mechanism leading to Fragile-X syndrome.

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Eur J Hum Genet 2017; 25(4):423-431

Macrophage production and activation are dependent on TRIM33.

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Oncotarget 2017; 8(3):5111-5122

MAPK-triggered chromatin reprogramming by histone deacetylase in plant innate immunity.

Latrasse D(1), Jegu T(1), Li H(2), de Zelicourt A(3), Raynaud C(1), Legras S(4), Gust A(5), Samajova O(6), Veluchamy A(3), Rayapuram N(3), Ramirez-Prado JS(3), Kulikova O(2), Colcombet J(1), Bigeard J(1), Genot B(1), Bisseling T(2), Benhamed M(1)(3), Hirt H(7)(8).

Genome Biol 2017; 18(1):131

MITF-high and MITF-low cells and a novel subpopulation expressing genes of both cell states contribute to intra and inter-tumoral heterogeneity of primary melanoma.

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Sphingolipid metabolism is dysregulated at transcriptomic and metabolic levels in the spinal cord of an animal model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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T Cell Zone Resident Macrophages Silently Dispose of Apoptotic Cells in the Lymph Node.

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TEAD transcription factors are required for normal primary myoblast differentiation in vitro and muscle regeneration in vivo.

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Tex19 paralogs are new members of the piRNA pathway controlling retrotransposon suppression.

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The Arabidopsis SWI/SNF protein BAF60 mediates seedling growth control by modulating DNA accessibility.

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The Bile Acid Nuclear Receptor FXRalpha Is a Critical Regulator of Mouse Germ Cell Fate.

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A targeted next-generation sequencing assay for the molecular diagnosis of genetic disorders with orodental involvement.

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Enterocyte Purge and Rapid Recovery Is a Resilience Reaction of the Gut Epithelium to Pore-Forming Toxin Attack.

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Essential role of the TFIID subunit TAF4 in murine embryogenesis and embryonic stem cell differentiation.

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Extensive Regulation of Diurnal Transcription and Metabolism by Glucocorticoids.

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Fast Dating Using Least-Squares Criteria and Algorithms.

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Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP) controls diacylglycerol kinase activity in neurons.

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Hepatitis C Virus-Induced Upregulation of MicroRNA miR-146a-5p in Hepatocytes Promotes Viral Infection and Deregulates Metabolic Pathways Associated with Liver Disease Pathogenesis.

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Reduced DICER1 Expression Bestows Rheumatoid Arthritis Synoviocytes Proinflammatory Properties and Resistance to Apoptotic Stimuli.

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Reversal of Pathologic Lipid Accumulation in NPC1-Deficient Neurons by Drug-Promoted Release of LAMP1-Coated Lamellar Inclusions.

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Splicing misregulation of SCN5A contributes to cardiac-conduction delay and heart arrhythmia in myotonic dystrophy.

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Vine nitrogen status and volatile thiols and their precursors from plot to transcriptome level.

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A Brn2-Zic1 axis specifies the neuronal fate of retinoic-acid-treated embryonic stem cells.

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Chromatin-Remodelling Complex NURF Is Essential for Differentiation of Adult Melanocyte Stem Cells.

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Circulating Human Eosinophils Share a Similar Transcriptional Profile in Asthma and Other Hypereosinophilic Disorders.

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Constitutive arsenite oxidase expression detected in arsenic-hypertolerant Pseudomonas xanthomarina S11.

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Deletion of the App-Runx1 region in mice models human partial monosomy 21.

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Early adaptive response of the retina to a pro-diabetogenic diet: Impairment of cone response and gene expression changes in high-fructose fed rats.

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Endogenous siRNAs and piRNAs derived from transposable elements and genes in the malaria vector mosquito Anopheles gambiae.

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Genome-Wide Mapping of Collier In Vivo Binding Sites Highlights Its Hierarchical Position in Different Transcription Regulatory Networks.

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Ikaros mediates gene silencing in T cells through Polycomb repressive complex 2.

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Neuronal identity genes regulated by super-enhancers are preferentially down-regulated in the striatum of Huntington's disease mice.

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No evidence for generation of alternatively spliced isoforms from the mutated Trim24 allele lacking exon 4 in mouse liver.

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Single-cell gene expression signatures reveal melanoma cell heterogeneity.

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Tip60 complex binds to active Pol II promoters and a subset of enhancers and co-regulates the c-Myc network in mouse embryonic stem cells.

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Epigenetics Chromatin 2015; 8():45

Transcription factor MITF and remodeller BRG1 define chromatin organisation at regulatory elements in melanoma cells.

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Ultradeep sequencing in the therapeutic management of HIV-1 infection at treatment initiation.

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20 ans apres: a second mutation in MAOA identified by targeted high-throughput sequencing in a family with altered behavior and cognition.

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Eur J Hum Genet 2014; 22(6):776-83

Efficient strategy for the molecular diagnosis of intellectual disability using targeted high-throughput sequencing

Full text links full-text provider logo Actions Favorites Share Page navigation Title & authors Abstract Figures Similar articles Cited by References Publication types MeSH terms LinkOut - more resources J Med Genet . 2014 Nov;51(11):724-36. doi: 10.1136/jmedgenet-2014-102554. Epub 2014 Aug 28. Efficient strategy for the molecular diagnosis of intellectual disability using targeted high-throughput sequencing Claire Redin 1 , Bénédicte Gérard 2 , Julia Lauer 2 , Yvan Herenger 2 , Jean Muller 3 , Angélique Quartier 1 , Alice Masurel-Paulet 4 , Marjolaine Willems 5 , Gaétan Lesca 6 , Salima El-Chehadeh 4 , Stéphanie Le Gras 7 , Serge Vicaire 7 , Muriel Philipps 7 , Michaël Dumas 7 , Véronique Geoffroy 8 , Claire Feger 7 , Nicolas Haumesser 1 , Yves Alembik 9 , Magalie Barth 10 , Dominique Bonneau 10 , Estelle Colin 10 , Hélène Dollfus 11 , Bérénice Doray 9 , Marie-Ange Delrue 12 , Valérie Drouin-Garraud 13 , Elisabeth Flori 9 , Mélanie Fradin 14 , Christine Francannet 15 , Alice Goldenberg 13 , Serge Lumbroso 16 , Michèle Mathieu-Dramard 17 , Dominique Martin-Coignard 18 , Didier Lacombe 12 , Gilles Morin 17 , Anne Polge 16 , Sylvie Sukno 19 , Christel Thauvin-Robinet 4 , Julien Thevenon 4 , Martine Doco-Fenzy 20 , David Genevieve 5 , Pierre Sarda 5 , Patrick Edery 6 , Bertrand Isidor 21 , Bernard Jost 7 , Laurence Olivier-Faivre 4 , Jean-Louis Mandel 22 , Amélie Piton 1

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Efficient strategy for the molecular diagnosis of intellectual disability using targeted high-throughput sequencing

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Efficient strategy for the molecular diagnosis of intellectual disability using targeted high-throughput sequencing.

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TAF4, a subunit of transcription factor II D, directs promoter occupancy of nuclear receptor HNF4A during post-natal hepatocyte differentiation.

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TAF4 Inactivation Reveals the 3 Dimensional Growth Promoting Activities of Collagen 6A3.

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T-cell factor 4 and beta-catenin chromatin occupancies pattern zonal liver metabolism in mice.

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The oncogenic MicroRNA Hsa-miR-155-5p targets the transcription factor ELK3 and links it to the hypoxia response.

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The tumor suppressor Ikaros shapes the repertoire of notch target genes in T cells.

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Transcriptome-wide analysis of microRNA expression in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae.

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UVB induces a genome-wide acting negative regulatory mechanism that operates at the level of transcription initiation in human cells.

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Genetic analysis of the biosynthesis of 2-methoxy-3-isobutylpyrazine, a major grape-derived aroma compound impacting wine quality.

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Genome Sequence of Halomonas sp. Strain A3H3, Isolated from Arsenic-Rich Marine Sediments.

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Homeostasis in intestinal epithelium is orchestrated by the circadian clock and microbiota cues transduced by TLRs.

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Molars and incisors: show your microarray IDs.

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BMC Res Notes 2013; 6():113

Sumoylation at chromatin governs coordinated repression of a transcriptional program essential for cell growth and proliferation.

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Genome Res 2013; 23(10):1563-79

TAF15 is important for cellular proliferation and regulates the expression of a subset of cell cycle genes through miRNAs.

Ballarino M, Jobert L, Dembélé D, de la Grange P, Auboeuf D, Tora L.

Oncogene 2013; 32(39):4646-55

Transcriptome analysis for Notch3 target genes identifies Grip2 as a novel regulator of myogenic response in the cerebrovasculature

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Trim24-repressed VL30 retrotransposons regulate gene expression by producing noncoding RNA.

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Abnormal Wnt and PI3Kinase signaling in the malformed intestine of lama5 deficient mice.

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Genomic binding of Pol III transcription machinery and relationship with TFIIS transcription factor distribution in mouse embryonic stem cells.

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Tripartite Motif 24 (Trim24/Tif1{alpha}) Tumor Suppressor Protein Is a Novel Negative Regulator of Interferon (IFN)/Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STAT) Signaling Pathway Acting through Retinoic Acid Receptor {alpha} (Rar{alpha}) Inhi

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