seqMINER: an integrated ChIP-seq data interpretation platform

seqMINER is an integrated portable ChIP-seq data interpretation platform, with optimized performances for efficient handling of multiple genome-wide datasets. seqMINER allows comparison and integration of multiple ChIP-seq datasets and extraction of qualitative as well as quantitative information. seqMINER can handle the biological complexity of most experimental situations and proposes methods to the user for data classification according to the analyzed features. In addition, through multiple graphical representations, seqMINER allows visualization and modelling of general as well as specific patterns in a given dataset.

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Download the seqMINER java application

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Interpreting and Visualizing ChIP-seq Data with the seqMINER Software


  • Citation

seqMINER: an integrated ChIP-seq data interpretation platform. Ye T, Krebs AR, Choukrallah MA, Keime C, Plewniak F, Davidson I, Tora L. Nucleic Acids Res. 2011;39(6):e35.